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In today’s uncertain and highly volatile economic environment, companies needing to cut costs or management’s decision of sudden lay offs are a common occurrence across industries.

Outplacement Manchester support by Executive Connexions is an incredible tool to navigate these difficult times smoothly. Our firm offers the best flexible redundancy support Manchester has to offer, in terms of job search support to those facing redundancy.

What are Outplacement Services?

Executive outplacement services include trained and qualified assistance provided by the career counseling professionals skilled in helping you to navigate career transitions. The outplacement support Manchester provides the practical and emotional specialist career coaching / counseling that will enable an individual to easily navigate the difficult times, and access the competitive job market to be able to move into appropriate new employment within the fastest time frame possible.

Among the many benefits of our Outplacement Services, the major ones are:

  • Help affected employees establish new career directions
  • Offers a systematic approach to those looking for a career move, transition etc
  • It also enables the organizations to focus all their energies on business operations rather than providing the moral support to the retained task force.

Executive Connexions is a renowned name in the outplacement support Manchester has to offer. Our Outplacement Manchester support offer:

  • Customized one-to-one career counseling services
  • Professional branding
  • Job Search Coaching
  • LinkedIn Coaching
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Specialist information resources

Why choose Executive Connexions for outplacement services Manchester

Below are some of the key levers that make the outplacement support Manchester by Executive Connexions unique. Research-based, high impactful methodology including:

  • Solid assessment process with a private coach and the best redundancy support Manchester offers
  • Provide access to excellent career development materials, build confidence, get across the job interview ‘finish line’
  • We provide help beyond the job search

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We completely understand that for many, the redundancy is an opportunity to rethink their career and life plans. We have the coaching expertise of many years to guide an individual through an exploratory journey of a new career move.

Our services are designed in a way that helps you to articulate what’s important to you and systematically identify and research the next career options. Our outplacement Manchester support helps you to make an informed decision on what is realistically achievable and how to go about the same:

  • A guaranteed number of 1:1 coaching hours to each individual
  • Expert, informed coaching to help resolve all the issues and also help to ease the transition to a new role, fast
  • A range of flexible outplacement programs according to your needs and budget