Outplacement Services Manchester

In today’s uncertain and highly volatile economic environment, companies needing to cut costs or management’s decision of sudden lay offs are a common occurrence across industries.


Outplacement Manchester support by Executive Connexions is an incredible tool to navigate these difficult times smoothly. Our firm offers the best flexible redundancy support Manchester has to offer, in terms of job search support to those facing redundancy.

What is Outplacement?

Executive outplacement services include trained and qualified assistance provided by the career counseling professionals skilled in helping you to navigate career transitions. The outplacement support Manchester provides the practical and emotional specialist career coaching / counseling that will enable an individual to easily navigate the difficult times, and access the competitive job market to be able to move into appropriate new employment within the fastest time frame possible.


Among the many benefits of our Outplacement Services, the major ones are:

Executive Connexions is a renowned name in the outplacement support Manchester has to offer. Our Outplacement Manchester support offer: