In this 60 second podcast, Louise shares one quick tip that will alter the way you approach networking events, taking the fear and anxiety out of connecting.


Many professionals don’t like, or feel they’re not good at, networking. If that sounds like you, perhaps you’ve lost sight of what networking really is?

For some, networking has become about meeting as many people as they can. But ‘networking’ is really about relationship-building. Susan Cain, author of ‘Quiet’ explains:

“Your goal at networking events should be to find your people.

Forget the whole idea of “networking.” It’s a soulless word that encourages people to think of each other as instrumental cogs in a machine. Instead, look for people whose company you truly enjoy—people you sincerely like and want to keep in touch with”.

[An extract from 7 Tips on How to Learn to Love Networking]

So from now on, think of networking as simply ‘getting to know some people’ or ‘making new friends’. Focus on quality of each interaction, not the quantity of people you meet. One by one, you’ll soon find ‘your people’.