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Hidden Benefits of Career Coaching

What Are The Benefits Of Career Coaching? A career coach can be a wonderful asset for any executive at a career crossroads. Whether you're unsure which path to take, you're hoping to find a new passion, or you're ready to move to the next level, getting an outside perspective from a professional can be extremely helpful. Career coaches can guide [...]

The Science of Influence: Do you have Executive Presence?

“It is executive presence — and no man or woman attains a top job, lands an extraordinary deal, or develops a significant following without this heady combination of confidence, poise, and authenticity that convinces the rest of us we’re in the presence of someone who’s the real deal. It’s an amalgam of qualities that telegraphs that you are in charge [...]

Career U-Turn? A Career Coach Can Help You Through It

Are you stuck in a rut that you can’t seem to shake and are considering a career change? Maybe you’re looking to change careers or find work you feel passionate about? Jobs are not just jobs but areas of personal development and purpose. But the path isn't always clear. At times it's a rocky mountain path with limited visibility because [...]

How to Navigate Outplacement

Outplacement used to be a service offered by employers to smooth the exit of key employees from the business. But now many organisations are using it in a more strategic way to ensure they develop the right talent and that employees emerge stronger from major changes. Outplacement Services are simply career coaching services funded by the employer to assist ex-employees in [...]

Pomodoro, white noise and building forests – “new” ways of working effectively

There’s only one thing in the entire the entire Universe that has the ultimate value. It’s Time. A lot was said about Time. They say spend it wisely, don’t waste it. Time can limit us (timescales). It can stress us (deadlines). It can make us happy (free time). It can become our best ally if we learn the art of [...]

Whаt iѕ Exесutivе Coaching?

What is Executive Coaching? The answer tо thiѕ question dереndѕ оn whо уоu ask. There iѕ a wide rаngе of ‘tеrritоriаl’ сlаimѕ tо thе fiеld of еxесutivе coaching. At one еnd оf thе ѕресtrum, thеrе аrе coaches whо аrе trаinеd рѕусhоlоgiѕtѕ оr соunѕеllоrѕ. This grоuр sees соасhing as bordering on psychotherapy. Prасtitiоnеrѕ likе to еxрlоrе сliеnt issues in some depth, [...]

We reveal how long your executive job search could take

To inform our approach around executive career advice, we commissioned PFA Research to undertake independent research into the senior level job market, to gain a clear insight into how today’s market works from a candidate and recruiter’s perspective and gauge the awareness and understanding of the benefits of career development support. Over 100 candidates looking for senior executive positions were [...]

Top tips for choosing a career coach or company

Choosing a career coach or coaching firm can be one of the most difficult decisions you can make. For many, it requires a great deal of thought, research and many many conversations. With so many career coaches out there working with senior executives, how do you know which coach is right for you? Talk, talk, talk! Most coaching firms should [...]

Your path to executive career success: The career coaching journey

Many senior executives we speak with may not have engaged in any form of coaching, so I’d like to take you through a typical client journey with us. You should know that everyone’s experience will be slightly different, but you may also like to refer to our case studies & testimonials to learn why senior executives choose to engage us [...]

3 important things you will learn from career coaching [Podcast]

Transcript The first thing career coaching will teach you is how today’s recruitment market functions. You can be a very experienced senior executive and you might know your industry better than anyone, but you still need two things to advance your career: • An understanding of the current recruitment market, and... • The ability to clearly communicate how you meet [...]

How to move forward when you have been made redundant

Have you been made redundant? It's time to grasp the nettle and accept it... “Redundancy” – it’s a horrible word especially if you have not been expecting it or you don’t want it.  Redundancy is often an enforced change and the feelings that follow can range from fear to rejection and everything in between.  Even if the redundancy is voluntary, [...]

The unexpected wins from executive career coaching

We speak with many senior professionals who are in the process of searching for a new role; we are often their chosen executive career coaching provider. Senior executives' motivations for working with us are usually around speeding up their job search, gaining traction with job interviews, and gaining some support with accessing the notorious hidden jobs market. All of that we can [...]

What is Career Coaching? And why do you need it as a Senior Executive?

As a discipline, career coaching has been with us for some years now, and is virtually a global phenomenon. Its practitioners come from a wide sphere of previous backgrounds; HR, Management, NLP, General Industry Experience, whether Coaching qualified or not (Coaching is still at the time of writing an unregulated industry of course), and the size and scope of services [...]

5 lessons executive career coaching taught me

When Mike Leach was seeking a new role after 20 years, he turned to Executive Connexions for the support and guidance he needed to advance his career. Here, Mike shares the top 5 lessons he learned from his career coaching experience.   I came to Executive Connexions for career coaching having been a Senior Finance Executive with the same group for over 20 [...]

How did I get my first Non-Exec position? Network Network Network

John Welth, Director at NEDonBoard.com A guest article written by John Welth, Director at NEDonBoard.com [The Professional Network for Non-Executive Directors]. This article was originally published here. These days, more and more organizations are looking for a highly qualified non-executive director to help their companies. If this is your vocational objective, you should know that the key to getting your first NXD position [...]

How to be a job search secret agent

We work with many senior level candidates who are either facing redundancy, or have left their last role for some time and are now ready to start job hunting again. However, what if you’re still engaged in a c-level or other executive level role, but have that ‘itching feeling’ that now is the right time to start looking for a new [...]

How to find your next c-level role while still employed

LinkedIn reports that 79% of all members are looking for a role, or open to the idea of a new role. So what if you’re currently employed, don’t want to rock the boat at work, but want to start exploring the idea of landing a fresh new role? It’s often seen as a risky thing to do, but there are [...]

The importance of emotional intelligence in career development

You have probably encountered the phrase emotional intelligence by now, as it's a fairly popular hot topic these days. Have you taken any of the concepts on board? Do you buy into them? I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject. When it comes to career development whether going through an arduous job search, or an interview process, [...]

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