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Our career advice & guidance insights will advise you on various elements of the executive job search world, all designed to help you land your next role faster. It's important to take the right paths when carrying out your job hunt, career change or executive coaching (whether you are focusing on individual executive career coaching or professional outplacement), and therefore our career advice blog is a vital tool to your success.

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5 Smart Things to Do for Your Career This Spring

5 Smart Things to Do for Your Executive Career This Spring March is the beginning of the spring-cleaning season. It can also have relevance to your executive career. Could you use a little 'spring forward' when it comes to your professional life? Reset your Schedule There's not enough time in a day to do everything. Prioritize within your list of [...]

Changes ahead – How to Write a Career Change CV

Most of us will go through a career change at some point in our lives. This may be the result of long-held aspirations or the discovery of a new dream. Or it may be for financial or location reasons. Decisions have been made. Now you need a fresh, revamped CV (Resume)! Identify your Transferable Skills In your career change CV, [...]

5 Interview Questions You Must Nail In Your Executive Job Interview

Executive job interview tips Recently, you’ve received an interview invitation from an executive recruiter. The senior level role at a successful company sounds like a good fit for your skill set and work experience. To make the life-changing career move you need to excel in your executive job interview. This guide will lead you, as a C-level executive job seeker, [...]

How long does it take to find a job?

Finding your next senior role can take longer than you might think… How long will your executive job search take? How long does it take to find a job? The truth is, it depends on so many different factors: Time of year Geographical demand for your skills Whether you encounter ageism Your experience and salary requirements Your professional network Your job search [...]

How to access the hidden jobs market: The senior executives guide [Webinar]

How to access the hidden jobs market using social and digital with Steve Nicholls and Jim Claussen Steve Nicholls, MD at Executive Connexions, is joined by Jim Claussen, Social Leadership Coach at Executive Social Academy for this exciting webinar to explore new ways of unlocking the hidden jobs market. It's clear that recruitment is changing and your social presence is becoming ever more [...]

How to write compelling articles for maximum impact

You know how important it is to develop your social presence as a leader. You’ve watched how thought leaders demonstrate their expertise and become well known within their field and you wish you could be noticed in the same way - attracting exciting leadership opportunities to you in the process. Perhaps you want to publish your first article, but don’t know how to [...]

Positioning yourself for success on social

Social media and the senior executive job search Living in today’s technology-based Internet society means that unless you’re scrupulous about erasing your every move in the digital ether, you have a digital footprint. Ensuring that that presence is meaningful and more than just a tick-box or accidental ‘being there’ creates an invaluable asset in your senior level job search. Jim [...]

Don’t lose out on a job because you thought it was mum calling again

The very first contact that we often have with another person on a business or employment matter is through means of the telephone. We might be calling to set up a time for an interview or calling to confirm an appointment. This initial opportunity to impress is just as important as when you walk through the door on the day [...]

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