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How much does outplacement cost? Executive Connexions

How much does outplacement cost?

Perhaps you have come to the inevitable conclusion that, as a company, you must lay off some of your employees. It could be a result of downsizing, redundancy or a

What Is Career Coaching? Executive Connexions

What Is Career Coaching?

Have you ever wondered if looking for a new executive level job could be easier? Have you wished you had support from an understanding job market expert? Maybe you feel

What Does An Outplacement Provider Do? Executive Connexions

What Does An Outplacement Provider Do?

Outplacement also often referred to as ‘career transition’, assists exiting employees by offering the necessary support for them to re-orient themselves in the job market. Outplacement facilitates the terminated employee’s

What Is Outplacement? Executive Connexions

What Is Outplacement?

After years of economic downturn, redundancy has unfortunately become part of our business tapestry. Outplacement services help employees who have lost or will be losing their job to quickly find

What Does A Career Coach Do? Executive Connexions

What Does A Career Coach Do?

Do you feel stuck in your career? Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed? Would you like to expand your professional path? A career coach is someone who can help you

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