How can you access the hidden jobs market? Become a Reverse Headhunter!

Reverse Headhunting

The world of executive level job search has changed beyond all recognition in the last few years. In his book Reverse Headhunting, owner of Career Coaching Consultancy Executive Connexions Ltd. Steve Nicholls shows job hunting executives how to access the best senior level roles; those that are unadvertised.

In Reverse Headhunting, you’ll learn how to:

      • Access the executive ‘Hidden Jobs Market’
      • Construct a compelling CV / Resume that gets interviews
      • Prepare for job interviews properly
      • Build a consistent and authentic personal brand
      • Appreciate the part that Emotional Intelligence plays in the recruitment process
      • Understand the recruitment market
      • Leverage social media to attract the right people to you
      • Land your next (and best) senior level role
      • Find the Executive Headhunters

What people are saying about Reverse Headhunting…

Steve Nicholls has made it his business to understand the profound shift that has taken place in the jobs market over the last years. In Reverse Headhunting he distills for executives everywhere the fundamental changes needed in the way you think about your career and your next career move. You’ll find his insights both enlightening and easy to implement as you look to take the next leap forwards in your career. Highly recommended.
Tony Restell,
A great read for any senior executive looking to move their career forward. Full of practical advice with real insights into what steps to take to maximise personal marketability and deal with recruiters and head hunters effectively.
Phil Sharp - Managing Director, Executive Headhunters
This book is an easy read and makes the points clearly and simply. In other words, I get it! Within weeks of implementing just a few of these things, my future has a whole new vision. Thank you.
Susan, Vice President
A clear no-nonsense guide to the multi-layered world of finding your new role in the complex market that exists in the 21st Century. Steve identifies how a candidate needs to use a variety of techniques and tools to gain an advantage in their search. Any executive headhunter that misses the opportunity to take on his advice by reading this book will undoubtedly find their quest more difficult and longer in duration.
Luke Ireland, Managing Director
I read once that the skill of learning subtraction and division is that you are ‘reversing’ the natural order of additions. The same applies to ‘reverse headhunting’. If you think that common sense about headhunting cannot be written down and that you have read it all, then read this book and think again. If you think that common sense about executive headhunting can be learnt, then read this book and benefit from it. This book will tell you there isn’t ‘a right way to do executive headhunting’ but it will help you develop a better way to ‘reverse headhunt’ your way to your next role.
Isaac Alfon, Senior Risk Manager
This book is a very useful and valuable tool. It explains and lists the different ways and parameters which the applicant for a new position will have to deal with. It gives very good advice, a high level view as well as practical tips, and avoids the candidate making mistakes and losing opportunities.
Alain Ferrandi, Chief Financial Officer
Steve has neatly captured the essence of “Reverse Headhunting” in this easy to read book. This book enlightened me on the necessity of turning the job search process around, positioning myself pro-actively and then clearly showed me how to do it. So much better than my previous approach. Thank you Steve!
John, CFO
Getting the right mind set and confidence in your own approach is so important for a successful and productive job search process. Steve’s book gives many practical and well-founded tools and tips that, if consistently implemented, will give you the “extra 2-3%” that makes all the difference in a world of tough competition and very fine margins. Well worth a read.
Steve, Managing Director, Retail
Reverse Headhunting is a very practical reference, particularly useful for the executives who have not had a need to deal with recruiters or faced a job interview for a long time. The book helps you to prepare for interview situations and to answer questions you did not have to consider previously. References to other material expand this work making it a broad forum of information. I wish to acknowledge also that I personally am a beneficiary of Steve’s assistance in my career transition.
Les Michalik, CEO
No matter where you may think you are in your career this is a “must read” that should be re-visited time and again. Steve tells it exactly how it is in today’s job market and exactly what you have to do. Good things rarely come to those who wait and this book is simply jam-packed with all the tools and strategies to make your personal-branding work for you. Welcome to the 4ps of pro-activity, positivity, preparation and progression.
Neal Roberts, International General Manager
Once executive positions are attained, it can be difficult to share or discuss personal career matters with others. There is a perceived duty to maintain the image of a strong leader, committed to the cause, and besides, surely you are expected to know all of this by now, right? With solid, practical and effective advice, Reverse Headhunting allows the reader to explore the core elements of senior level career development and helps executives demystify some of the more recent, highly effective practices without the fear of appearing out of touch.
Steven Chad, Sales & Channel Enablement

Research shows that 70% of the best jobs are to be found in this hidden jobs market. “It’s vital in today’s ultra-competitive jobs market to change your thinking.” says Steve. “Being proactive and focusing on the hidden jobs market might seem daunting at first, but the rewards can be incredible”.

Smart use of social media is one of the critical steps to success in tracking down these hidden roles, and in the book Steve takes you step-by-step through easy to apply techniques, that if used consistently will transform the way that executive job search is carried out.

Together with chapters on getting the CV / Resume and sharpening up job interview skills, the book also contains insights from executive headhunters, recruiters and marketers, which will give you many insights to give you an edge in your job search.


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More About Executive Headhunters

What is executive headhunting? (Who are executive headhunters?)

We are a career coaching firm, but thought this primer might help you learn more about executive headhunters:

An executive headhunter works on behalf of the job seeker who is in search of an executive position. Our reverse executive headhunter services are a part of career management and our executive career coaching services including career coaching, executive outplacement, career change and many other circumstances. If you are in hunt of a certain role in the industry and need someone to seek for opportunities fit for that role, our reverse headhunting services will benefit you.

Headhunting is also used as an alternative term for executive search. It is a targeted exercise which is research-led. Our reverse services also extend to approaching appropriate candidates and pitching relevant opportunities to them with our knowledge of what head hunters are looking for. Even if the candidates are not seeking for jobs, they may consider transitioning. It works differently than a recruitment process. This process searches for executive professionals who are specifically fit for a particular role. Our job is to help you get headhunted by navigating the hidden jobs market and other sources to access the best headhunted roles.

How will you benefit from ‘reverse’ executive headhunter services?

There are many ways by which you can benefit from reverse executive headhunters services as a candidate. We help you with tactics to uncover the hidden jobs market.

We will brush up your interview skills
If you have not been to an interview in a long time, you might be lacking confidence. Our services will help you to succeed so you are more than prepared. From improving your technical knowledge, to keeping updated with the latest interview trends, you can develop your skills efficiently. You will also get great tips to maximize your chances.

You will get personalised attention
Headhunters do not work with big groups. They focus on a selected group of highly motivated and potential candidates. As a candidate, you will get personal attention and guidance through our executive career coaching programmes. This will help you in overall development and increase your probability of getting your dream job.

Headhunters have a detailed knowledge about the hidden job market
Headhunters have accrued knowledge about the hidden job markets and we have the knowledge that can get you jobs that you would generally not have access to. Several companies utilise headhunting services in a discrete manner, especially when it concerns senior executive roles.

NOTE: We are not headhunters or recruiters. This page is for information purposes only.