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What is Outplacement?

Due to economic reasons, when a company makes a decision to lay off employees, any kind of assistance that the company provides to the outgoing staff is appreciated. Outplacement is a service which companies provide to employees after the layoff. It boosts the morale and enhances job searching techniques.


What are outplacement services?

Outplacement services generally consist of group or 1:1 training, career advice, counseling, job leads along with follow up career coaching advice. It eases the transition by developing the CV/resume, cover letters and job application techniques. However, if companies do not provide outplacement services, they can be arranged from outplacement firms such as ourselves.


How can our outplacement services benefit you?

Executive Connexions provides top notch outplacement services which can make your transition smooth and easy. It is designed effectively to make the career leap as fruitful as possible. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from Executive Connexions outplacement services:

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Tailored Outplacement Programmes

The requirement of outplacement services vary from one employee to another, depending on seniority or the budget available. Whether you have rusty interview skills, or lack of knowledge about the present jobs market, our services will brush up your skills and make you prepared, giving you an edge over the competition.

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Outplacement Support

Executive Connexions provides flexible, comprehensive individual executive outplacement support plans that includes career review, analysis, and career guidance re marketing your skills, and articulating your value proposition.

Learn how to negotiate salary, create a compelling CV, make presentations, develop a strong online presence and grow your personal brand.

Your skills, experience and knowledge will be reviewed and analysed. Based on that, the outplacement program will be designed to positively build your job search skills and value proposition. You will learn how to take informed career decisions. Therefore, Your interview skills will be enhanced and our team of career coaches (you will work with one allocated coach) will provide you with sufficient knowledge on the current market so that you or your employees are successful in their career.

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Job Search Workshops

Feeling at a disadvantage in the fierce competition in the jobs market is natural. Our outplacement services can provide you with a practical tools which will help you make a head start. Workshops can help where budget is a challenge, but still provides a great kick start to a job search, whatever level of employee is affected.

Our career management programmes are powerful, resourceful and effective. You can get access to guide materials that are related to career, job market, and more. In order to boost your skills and improve your knowledge and enhance self-development, Executive Connexions is the best outplacement choice.

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