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Is Outplacement Services part of your Employment Offer?

Outplacement Services

4 Reasons Why It Should Be!

New employees may brush over the Outplacement Services paragraph in their work contract, nor may they enquire about it in the job interview. Still, just about everyone made redundant that I’ve spoken to cannot marvel enough about how Outplacement has helped them transition from a sense of dread to feelings of hope, excitement, and ignited resilience.

This is a possible treacherous time for any company making staff cuts. However, a steady process offered by Outplacement may ease heavy duty on the logistics front and help soothe emotions running high.

Let’s look at why Outplacement Services are more than just helping departing employees land on their feet.

Creating Opportunities

From a simple human kindness perspective, offering Outplace Services in a climate of redundancy helps those displaced with a structured approach to not just find a new role but the opportunity to think big and clinch a step up the career ladder with a better salary. An Outplacement Service can turn an uncertain time around for your departing employee, ensuring a sentiment of opportunity rather than one of dread. For the company, too, this creates an opportunity to display brand promise.

Company Reputation

Help with CV revisions, practicing interview skills, and evaluating career ambitions aids the departing employee and leaves a ‘feel good’ sentiment, meaning the company’s reputation gets a boost in uncertain times. As a result, redundancy, generally seen alongside negative connotations, gets turned around. The company brand remains intact!

Everyone Wins

Outplacement Services do not only support those that are leaving the company but, by osmosis, it impacts those that stay. Unhappiness around redundancy can quickly spill over and create factions – those that go vs. those that remain – impacting company culture and productivity negatively. Outplacement Services applied effectively will secure a sense of hope and positivity around those facing redundancy. This, too, spills over, affecting the entire Organization in more positive ways than one. 

Legalities Considered  

There are definite legalities around laying off staff, and it’s the Outplacement Services’ specialist knowledge that will help the Organization employ the redundancy process strictly within the law. There should be no doubt that it’s money well spent in hiring the expertise of an Outplacement Service, not only to ensure that the earmarked employees are exiting within the law, but that the reputational impact for the Company to ‘getting this right’ is enormous.

The world is going through tough times, and we are seeing more companies facing restructure. If this is your Organization and you need to talk through a potential Outplacement exercise, don’t hesitate to contact me, Steve Nicholls, MD of Executive Connexions, for an exploratory chat.

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