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How to move forward when you have been made redundant

Moving forward after redundancy

Have you been made redundant? It’s time to grasp the nettle and accept it…

“Redundancy” – it’s a horrible word especially if you have not been expecting it or you don’t want it.  Redundancy is often an enforced change and the feelings that follow can range from fear to rejection and everything in between.  Even if the redundancy is voluntary, the changes that follow will be surprising, terrifying and sometimes a cause of stress.

As with all change the key to moving on is to accept that it is happening and it is happening now.  Accept also that you are not to blame.  We have a tendency to search for reasons or blame and question “Why me?” or “What have I done?”.  Sadly, in the current economic climate the answer to “why”, is most commonly a business decision to save money.  Questioning yourself and looking for reasons to blame is a time waster and only serves to hold you back.

This blame will in time erode your confidence and you will find yourself on a back foot at interviews and struggling to present yourself as the best candidate (after all you couldn’t hold that last job down could you?)

Regret over your decisions also gets in the way of moving forward.


It’s time to move on….

So the answer is simply to accept that you’ve been made redundant, taken a career changing decision and accept that it is not your fault.   Accepting the change, in fact any change, is empowering.  Acceptance gives you control over your situation and the motivation to move on.

Consider for a moment the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis – if it failed to accept that it had just been given wings it would never change its thinking from seeing itself as a caterpillar and would not try to fly.

Holding self limiting beliefs about your skills and abilities or blaming your situation on something you may or may not have said to your boss 5 years ago will not help you to accept your new fate.  It is time to change your thinking…


Could redundancy be the best thing that’s ever happened to you?

You now have so much more choice open to you. Opportunities are there for the taking.  The next company you work for might be the best company you ever work for.  It could be an opportunity to work in a different field.  You can hold your head high because you recognised it was time for a change and seized the opportunity to explore new challenges.  The possibilities are endless, so don’t waste any more time apportioning blame and start to think about what you now want.

Now that’s empowering!


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