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Are you thinking of making a career change during COVID-19? – Madness OR Genius…

We live in the unprecedented times that change our perspective on your career choices, how we live our lives, and work-life balance. We are pushed to the edge and when we look down there is just an abyss = the unknown. How can we navigate the change without the pain of taking a huge risk and losing what we have already gained? Safety OR Dreams?

Maybe you have been thinking about a career change for a long time. Or maybe you are re-thinking your career path in the light of the challenges you faced and witnessed in the world since the start of the pandemic. You might be reconsidering your priorities and preferences and feel you fit into another field entirely. If you are wondering if a career move is a wise choice for you at this moment, you might want to consider:

Create Multiple Paths
Instead of a single 5-year plan, try to come up with different paths for your future. Consider parallel universes, one where a career risk works out well, another where it fails, an entrepreneurship option, a world where pandemics are constantly recurring, or one where you don’t find employment but can work on a contract. Consider the possible options. Planning does not mean that they necessarily will come true. But when you put down your pen to paper, you will think clearly, identify your skills, prepare for uncertainty, and in turn make better creative choices.

Empire State of Mind
Your attitude and approach matter the most if you are considering a career change currently. Despite all the negativity around, you need to remain positive and play the long game. Take the initiative and get started on the new problems confronting you and facing the uncertainty with courage and ingenious ideas. Always seek innovative solutions and be a player. Be flexible in evaluating options and do not hesitate to ask for guidance

Anticipate 2021
The one thing that the virus may impact, experts say, is what certain industries may look like a year from now. For instance, retail, which was already going through a major disruption before the pandemic, almost certainly will look different a year from now than it did a year ago. Before making the leap, you may want to analyze how an industry is changing before jumping into it. You would want to be in something that is going up rather than sinking, so to speak.

When a Career Coach is a ‘Missing Link’
The executive must come to grips with the fact that this year (and maybe a bit beyond into 2021) is about raw survival, not success. The tedium of staying home becomes noticeable, and your energy level hits a low. But is there a silver lining? Of course! Investing some of any extra time you have right now into Career Coaching could be a fantastic way to uncover a silver lining from the coronavirus, elevate you to new heights and re-route!

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