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Skype Job Interview Etiquette

Skype/Zoom call etiquette

Hiring Managers are becoming more are more technology savvy. Skype interviews can really be the best of both worlds — you still get face-to-face time with an employer while cutting travel out of the equation. It saves time and money and with global hiring also becoming more commonplace, it’s worth understanding how best to maximise your chances if you’re invited to a Skype interview.


  1. Practice makes perfect.

Doing a mock interview beforehand is helpful. You will feel calmer, confident and relaxed during an actual interview. It’s also an opportunity to fix any technical issues.

  1. Technical Issues

Play around with everything beforehand so that when it’s interview time, you can shine. Adjust volume settings. Do a technical check before your online interview begins to make sure that your internet connection is stable enough to avoid dropouts and poor sound and picture quality. Test the microphone to avoid awkward moments during an interview, but remain calm should they occur.

Make sure your Skype name and photo look professional. Mickey Mike or Winnie- the- Pooh won’t make a good first impression. Remember to close other programmes on your computer to avoid distractions during an interview such as getting Facebook notifications.

Your image should be plainly visible without being too bright. You can it achieve by adjusting your camera settings, the angle of the room’s lights and the window shades.

  1. Background

Your environment should look professional. Plan well in advance where you are going to do the interview. Lock the wandering cat away. Make sure that your family knows that you’ll need some peace and quiet for a while. Use a clean and simple background so the recruiter focuses on you. Switch your phone to silent.

  1. Dress to impress

Yes, this is a virtual interview but they can see you! This is not the best time for a T-shirt and sweatpants. You should wear the same outfit you would have chosen for a face-to-face meeting with the employer. You really need to look the part and make sure that you send the right message.

  1. Right before the interview

Confirm that the employer can hear you and see you properly. You want to make sure everything is working properly before you get started.

  1. Body language

Build rapport with the interviewer via non verbal communication- make lots of eye contact, smile and sit up straight. It goes without saying: don’t fiddle and avoid crossing your arms.  Sit comfortably but don’t slouch. Look directly into the camera not onto the screen. Pulling faces like Jim Carrey is not advisable… However, don’t be afraid to show your personality. Leave your mark. Make sure the employer leaves that Skype interview knowing how passionate you are about the company.

7. Follow up appropriately

You may have spoken on Skype, however resist the temptation to follow up with a message on Skype Chat  as it can come across as a little too casual and informal. Instead,  opt for email ‘thank you’, which will impress more.

All that is just an addition to the preparation you’d do ahead of a telephone or in-person interview. Research the employer so that you understand its business, and write out a list of questions of your own so you can envision how and where the job fits into the organization.

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