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Top 4 Benefits of Career Coaching that you need to know

benefits of career coaching

If you are seeking an extra edge in your career, executive career coaching is worth considering and here are the benefits of career coaching that you need to know. It’s smart to learn about the career coaching benefits as they’re like short cuts and secret doors to career success from people who have the knowledge, expertise and experience. Why would you spend weeks trying to find the solution that the benefit of a Career Coach can give you? Should I get a career coach? The short answer is, yes!

A formal definition of career coaching from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) states that a career coach partners with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. Career coaches honour you as the expert in your life and work and believe you are creative, resourceful and whole.

Our clients, being mainly senior level executives, appreciate an opinion and on occasion to be challenged during the coaching process too!

Career coaching is equally helpful for someone who is starting out with a new career or in the middle of a job change.

Here are the top 4 benefits of career coaching:

Career Coaching Benefit #1

A career coach marries your ambition with an action plan

Executives think big and have great ambitions yet sometimes it can be a hard to find the way to that perfect career spot. The first of the benefits of career coaching can help you formulate an actionable plan to realise your career goals. Another benefit is that career coaches can also help motivate you when you’re in need of an extra confidence boost, or to navigate a particularly awkward ‘speed bump’ or obstacle in your job search.

Career Coaching Benefit #2

Job Search Support

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an expert on hand to help you build an incredibly well crafted, targeted CV/resume? Or someone who could teach you everything you need to know about networking or interviewing?

The benefits of career coaching will give you tools, feedback and resources you need to be successful in your job hunt, and all you need to do is to benefit yourself to that expertise. It will save you hours and hours of research and free your ‘mind-space’.

Career Coaching Benefit #3

Career coaches can make you more marketable

What kind of value do you bring to a future employer? What separates you from the pool of executives seeking the same job? The benefits of career coaching can help you perfect your answers to critical questions such as these. By being able to clearly articulate this kind of relevant information, you can do an excellent and compelling job of selling yourself during the interview process.

Career Coaching Benefit #4

Career coaches can help you build a vision for your career

Knowing when and where to make a move is one of the keys to a successful, long-term career. A career coach can benefit you design and implement a long-range plan, while also helping you identify the most favourable moments to take the next step forward.

If you hire a career coach, those are just a few of the benefits to which you’ll have access. There’s a huge ocean of resources, knowledge, expertise and ideas that you can tap into. It will rocket you to the new career heights.

During our careers, most of us will come across a difficult decision where no single path seems obvious. Having someone available to offer informed career advice is often the difference between making the right decision — and living with regrets.

Executive Connexions is a reputed and trusted name in the field of executive and leadership coaching. With many years in the business, we understand the specific needs of our clients and provide tailor made solutions.

Our MD, Steve Nicholls personally strives to understand the specific needs and requirements of every individual or company. He said, “People come to us very focussed on outcomes as you would expect, but invariably find that the coaching process not only teaches them new skills they can apply in the future, but that their own self-awareness is enhanced by the process, and it’s these small percentage points that make the difference in today’s competitive jobs market”.

Are you currently seeking a new executive position? Do you feel stuck in your current position and are looking to make a change? Have you got your eyes set on a higher role in your current organization? Do you need a career coach and guidance with a particular career challenge? Our Executive Career Coaching services are here to benefit you, so drop us a line or give us a call today to arrange an exploratory chat.

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