The first thing career coaching will teach you is how today’s recruitment market functions.
You can be a very experienced senior executive and you might know your industry better than anyone, but you still need two things to advance your career:
• An understanding of the current recruitment market, and…
• The ability to clearly communicate how you meet a recruiter’s needs.
Your career coach can help you to understand what a recruiter, and an employer, is looking for in a candidate and how best to present yourself in your job search.

Secondly, you will learn how others might perceive you as a candidate.
The feedback you will receive from your career coach is important in developing your self-awareness and highlighting areas that you would benefit from improving.
For some, this includes understanding how to gain the right balance of confidence, self-marketing, and authenticity.
For others, this might be about becoming more prepared and being ready to take calls at short notice and having an elevator pitch refined to a level where it comes naturally. Or it might be about being practised at the job interview process, and focussed on selling the ‘real you’.

The third lesson you will learn is what it takes to succeed in attracting future employers.
Through career coaching, you will learn that you need to build credibility and get your thoughts, ideas and values known to the people with whom you want to connect.
This requires the confidence and know-how to go out into the social media world and make yourself known through online interactions; through face to face meetings; and through groups of similar interests. This is about being found, and bringing new and exciting job opportunities to you.
As our clients will tell you, the benefits gained from career coaching are invaluable to help you leap-frog other potential candidates in the market.

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