Ah, the festive season is here. The streets look glamorous. Hot chocolate with marshmallows are on tap. Everyone finally looks happy (mostly!). What will be on your agenda during the Christmas Break? Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, going to parties, wrapping and unwrapping presents, or a focus on your job-hunting prospects?

The time to put things in motion is now.

Champions don’t excel at relaxation, they excel in focused effort- that’s how they go ahead while the rest of the world is half-asleep.

When you’re thinking of switching careers those much longed-for days off will give you extra headspace to think about your direction and what steps to take.

Best Time to Network

Sending Christmas cards is not only a lovely gesture but can also put you back on someone’s radar and serve as a handy reminder that you’d be perfect for a new role coming up! Make an extra effort and introduce yourself to new people at Christmas parties. You never know who might open a new door for you (but no ‘pushy’ messages please).

Dust off your CV and LinkedIn Profile

These are your calling cards. Do they show off your skills and competencies? Do they command attention? Is your LinkedIn profile working hard to introduce valuable contacts? If not, the Christmas break is a good time for some updates. This is also a good time to reflect on your strengths and this year’s achievements.

Make a Wish List

What do you really want? What do you need from your future employer? Maybe you want to work for a company with a fantastic culture, make you’d like flexible hours that would fit with your family commitments, maybe you’d like a job with travel opportunities. Are you most interested in development and training? Use days off to make a wish list.

Plan how to Reach your Career Destination next year

After making a wish list and clarifying your career goals and ambitions, it’s time to put it all into a workable action plan. Think in terms of skills gaps, extra training or mentoring.

Maybe you need to hire a career coach to fast track progress. A professional will map it out for you and be there for you every step of the way. This investment will translate into landing a perfect role without wasting valuable time.

Recharge your Batteries

Putting these simple steps into action will pay off in busy January when there will be new jobs up for grabs, but also lots of well qualified candidates. You’ll be in a stronger position to find your dream job in the new year.