For senior leaders looking to better understand social, why it’s important and what is it all about here is a concise primer on social in the context of a rapidly transforming digital economy.

This is important for executives seeking new positions of leadership today, and for leaders looking to understand how a digital and social mindset can help guide ‘digital thinking’ for a shifting marketplace. This is about career development and modern leadership acumen.

What It’s All About?




Who you knew……Who knows you through social
Your CV……Your digital brand
Applied to roles……Companies with roles find you
You called a headhunter……Recruiters call you
Worked in small circles……Your circle works around the world
A small set of connections……Unlimited number of connections
Word traveled by mouth……Word travels at speed of digital
What you know……What you share
What you say……What you publish and do in social
Title driven power……Influence that comes from earned credibility and trust
Leaders commanded the workforce……Leaders inspire a workforce through engagement
Leadership was about monologues……Leadership is about an ongoing dialog



So why is this important?

The workplace is changing, today’s emerging talent is digital-first, that’s what they grew up with, it’s what they expect.

Consumer buying behaviors have changed; people begin their research online and consult their networks for suggestions and to validate choices.

Organizations are looking for new leadership, leaders who understand a digital marketplace, a digital workforce, and have the aptitude to lead a community of people into tomorrow’s economy.

Social explained….

  • Social is a way of engaging with people – it’s about a way of interacting with the marketplace, the workforce, industry, media, influencers…. directly.
  • Social brings a brand to people – executives become the face of the brand in social, creating an opportunity for people to connect with a person, build a relationship.
  • People connect with people – not with logos.
  • Social is a shift – it’s about being open, networked, transparent, community focused, influencer led, open, and scaling through participation.
  • Social is a market differentiator – it’s about the multiplier effect through connections; this is driven by the power of networks.
  • Social is about creating new value – it’s about what you share, how you mentor and inspire.
  • Social is about people – it’s about people driven transformation in a new age of connection.

This may all seem like too much. It’s not. The key is to understand it’s a journey that’s made up of many small steps.

Don’t go into Social, grow into Social.

Start small, start simple, and build momentum.

The key is to get started.

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