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Is your job search taking too long?

Like many senior level job seekers our executive career coaches speak with, you might be feeling frustrated with your job search by now? In today’s competitive jobs market, you’re facing some challenges in securing a new position. But, your career depends on you doing it well. That’s where executive career coaching services come in. An executive career coach will show you a more effective way to approach your job search.

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“Executive Connexions has provided outplacement services for several of our employees. We found the team to be very helpful and adaptable in their approach which they tailored to the changing circumstances facing those leaving the business. Their executive career coach helped all of our employees to focus on the task of finding a new role, and have had a 100% success rate which is very satisfying for everyone.”

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How Can We Help Your Career?

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Make the Change

Be Found

This executive career coaching innovation has been designed from the ground up to help you differentiate yourself from the competition in your executive job search, but not only that – to then take that digital/social knowledge forward into your next leadership position and continue to grow your ‘social’ profile and presence as a company leader.

  • Stand out.
  • Earn credibility and influence.
  • Be found and be hired.
  • Build skills and relevance for a digital age where organisations are looking for digital leaders.
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Career Coaching

Our executive career coaches help senior executives to land their next role, faster. Our 92% success rate is driven by our innovative personalised executive career coaching approach. We don’t offer off-the-shelf packages but we do tailor our services to your needs, including unique executive outplacement, social & digital career coaching programmes. An executive career coach will give you:

  • Personalised, tailored executive career coaching and training.
  • New executive skills for life.
  • The career results that you desire.
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We help to prepare staff facing redundancy by providing tailored outplacement services, with either 1:1 executive career coaching support or group training as required. We can help in varying circumstances, including progression into a similar sector/role or sometimes helping launch a complete career change. You can expect:

  • A thoughtful approach taking into account any emotional impact of redundancy.
  • Outplacement for groups or individuals.
  • Everyone treated as an individual. No ‘conveyor belt’ approach.
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The Hidden

Jobs Market

You may be reading this because you suspect there’s a smarter way to handle your job search. There is. The unadvertised jobs market, otherwise known as the hidden jobs market is where 70-80% of all jobs, particularly at executive level, are to be found. Our executive career coaching services will support your job search, but to get started read our white paper with 3 top tips. Click the ‘learn more’ button below to get your copy.

  • Tap into this massive portion of the jobs market as an executive candidate.
  • Learn the three key ways to make the hidden jobs market work for you.

We’re Here to Help

You can get in contact with us to see how our executive career coaching services can help you with your situation. Here are some examples of how an executive career coach can help you:

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CV/Resume Tips

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High Level use of Social Media

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Leadership Coaching

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Interview Tips & Techniques

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Exclusive Peer Group Membership

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Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Tips

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Networking Skills

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Professional Insights into a recruiter’s perspective

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Redundancy Support

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