Crafting a Compelling CV

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Common problems senior executives have with their CV include:

The Curriculum Vitae or Resume forms the foundation of your ‘personal brand’ which you will present to the recruitment market, and is often the first point of contact for your candidate / recruiter relationships. There’s little point in having a CV that doesn’t reflect your value properly, and then at the same time marketing yourself to the recruitment industry.​

The content and structure of a CV is one of the most subjective areas in career management. How do you know which approach will work for you?

 The style recommended within this report is based on what we have learned through recruitment industry research and frequent conversations with a great many recruiters and headhunters over the years.

This report will provide you with the means to create a strong executive level CV template, which can be adjusted based on the requirements of any given role.

Crafting a compelling CV - CDR Executive Connexions

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