Dr Spencer Johnson wrote a wonderful book on how to find happiness called: Who moved my cheese.  It’s a great little read for those who are at the career crossroads. The story is about four characters who live in a maze and look for cheese to nourish them and make them happy. Cheese is a representation of what you want to have in life, for example a dream job, a loving relationship or peace of mind. The maze is where you look for what you want.  The problem is that the cheese keeps moving and you need to go looking for it.

In the story, the characters are often faced with unexpected change in their search for the cheese. When you decide to leave your professional comfort zone you’ll learn how to anticipate, adapt to and enjoy change and be ready to change quickly whenever you need to.  If you feel stuck in dead end, bored and dissatisfied with your job maybe now is the time to find your cheese (happiness). Maybe it’s time for a career change.

The decision to make a career transition while in a senior role can be a difficult one for executives to make. Before immersing yourself in a frenzy of resume-writing and cover letter activities, determine what your ideal job target is. Do you want to stay in the same field; are you using this opportunity to pursue your dream job? Being a stunt man in films or a professional scuba diver are exciting choices…but hard to turn into reality. There’s another way. You don’t need to turn your career upside down to make your professional life soul- satisfying. Don’t change it. Bent it. What does it mean? Find a job that allows you to use your natural skills and gifts more.

Nothing anyone can tell you will prepare you for a career transition as it is a period of intense self-reflection that will often result in life-changing outcomes. If your current executive role doesn’t make you happy and satisfied it may be the right time to leap into something new. Challenge yourself. Think outside of your comfort zone and align yourself mentally.

Push past the fear. Connect with colleagues who have already made similar transition. They will offer valuable advice. Despite their career change anxiety, they pressed on. Imagine yourself staying in your current job for the next two years and let the unhappiness linked to it motivate you. Remember FEAR is: False Evidence Appearing Real. Being “very nervous” about career change is natural. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

You can get a positive career advice and career assistance from our Career Coaching programmes. We will do our best to help you make a successful career change and be happier in your new job.

If you’re thinking of a total change of direction, our Career Change programme provides a framework to help you answer the question “How do I find a career?”, and will bring out that creativity and resourcefulness in you and direct it toward discovering the right next step for your new career.

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