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Shanghai Outplacement & Career Coaching

Located on China’s east coast, Shanghai is a bustling city with a truly international flavour. Considered the commercial capital of China, this modern metropolis aspires to be an “excellent global city” by 2035, and its well on its way to succeeding.

From retail to construction, Shanghai boasts a wealth of industry, along with the busiest seaport in the world. There’s a vigorous work ethic to match, but the city has leisure opportunities in abundance too. With such robust foundations, providing a successful Outplacement & Career Coaching service in Shanghai is a pleasure.
Career Transition & Outplacement Shanghai Executive Connexions Outplacement

We Offer Bespoke Support

Executive Connexions offers a comprehensive and bespoke outplacement and career coaching service in Shanghai and beyond. We understand dealing with career transition and redundancy can be challenging, and that’s why we consider the needs of the individual at every turn.

There’s no conveyor belt, and no set-in-stone path. The Shanghai outplacement and career coaching we provide focuses on creating a tailor-made, positive experience for all concerned.

Career Transition & Outplacement Shanghai Executive Connexions Outplacement

We Can Teach a Person to Fish

Our person-centred approach will dispel the fears associated with redundancy. We will empower employees and provide the skills needed to move forward. In a nutshell, we teach a person to fish.’

We believe a positive mind-set is key. We will support those affected by redundancy, helping employees to identify career goals and personal objectives. We also review CV’s, focus on personal branding, and provide indispensable job interview preparation. We provide personalised one-to-one support and also deliver career transition training sessions to groups.

Career Transition & Outplacement Shanghai Executive Connexions Outplacement

We Will Help Employees to “Be Found”

The hidden jobs market provides a wealth of opportunities, and our pioneering “Be Found” programme is designed to help your employees tap into this valuable resource.

We believe employees shouldn’t wait to be re-discovered. Instead we use digital media and social activities to boost their profile. We will assist employees to identify, hone and showcase their talents, skills and qualities, so prospective employers can find them more easily.

Career Transition & Outplacement Shanghai Executive Connexions Outplacement

A Commitment to Go the Extra Mile

The team at Executive Connexions will work tirelessly to provide the support and encouragement needed to secure a positive outcome. You can rely on our Shanghai based outplacement and career coaching support service to serve your business. Let us join you on this journey, and we will help your employees to successfully turn the page and begin the next chapter of their career.

Consult the Experts for Outplacement Services

Executive Connexions Ltd is a UK based Career Coaching Company, working with clients globally via Skype and other online methods. We have a 92% success rate in helping outgoing employees land their next role, fast.

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